How does caring affect your life?

Caring can have many positive and rewarding aspects, but there are lots of reasons why caring can also leave you needing support.

Caring can have an impact on many aspects of your life — physical health, finances, isolation, stress, mental health, time, family commitments, housing or work-life balance.

Some Ways caring may affect you

  • being unsure of your rights to support, both financially and legally
  • issues with your own physical or mental ill-health
  • difficulties with your employer or education provider
  • losing your sense of self and maintaining a life outside of your caring role
Issues that impact on Carers

• Caring can lead to poverty, you may not be able to afford things like heating, rent, transport or food. You worry about managing your welfare and finances.

• Caring can cause you to worry and leave you feeling isolated, you may not know what or how to access supports and services, you may not be able to meet friends and get out and about. You may feel you have no one to talk to.

• Caring can leave you exhausted, physically tired or emotionally drained, maybe impacting on your mental health you may suffer from a lack of sleep or feel stressed

• Caring may cause you Pain, you may be lifting and handling your loved one or equipment that causes you pain and discomfort, leading to other health issues

• Caring may mean you suffer from a lack of sleep and have concerns or difficulties and need respite or a short break

Managing the changes at home

Becoming a Carer might mean you need to make changes to your home or the home of the person you care for.
Different types of equipment, adaptations and technology could help make your home safer, your life easier and provide independence for the person you are looking after.  Find out about minor adaptations, alert systems, equipment, everyday technology or specific adaptations that may be available to help you maintain your caring role if you so wish.