All three NHS Lanarkshire acute hospitals are in the top seven performing hospitals in Scotland for reduction in hospital standardised mortality ratios (HSMR).  The recently published figures show that University Hospital Wishaw is the most improved hospital in Scotland with a 25.8 per cent reduction.

Dr Jane Burns, NHS Lanarkshire acute divisional medical director, said: “I am extremely pleased with the recently published figures. Our clinical and managerial staff work hard to provide the best quality service to our patients and these figures show that they are doing an excellent job.  “I hope they offer added reassurance to our patients and the communities we serve about the safety and quality of care provided in our hospitals.”  HSMR adjust death data, referred to as mortality data, to take account of some of the factors known to affect the underlying risk of death. The calculation uses information from acute inpatient and day-case patients admitted to all medical and surgical specialties in NHS Scotland.  HSMR is one measurement tool that compares a hospital’s mortality ratio with reduction over time.  The aim of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme is to reduce hospital mortality by 10% by December 2018. So far, of the 29 hospitals reported, 12 have shown a reduction of more than 10% including all three acute hospitals in Lanarkshire.

Dr Burns added: “The most recent HSMR figures show that University Hospital Wishaw achieved a 25.8 per cent reduction, University Hospital Monklands managed 18 per cent and University Hospital Hairmyres had a 14.9 per cent reduction.  “To have all three hospitals in the top seven reflects positively on the hard work and dedication of all our staff.”  Speaking about achieving the biggest reduction in HSMR in Scotland, Mr Hakim BenYounes, chief of medical services at University Hospital Wishaw, said: “All of our staff should be very proud of their efforts to reduce mortality and enhance patient safety.  “Clinical and managerial staff worked together to introduce a range of initiatives and improvement works which enabled our impressive reduction with regards to HSMR.  “However, we are not complacent. While majority of deaths in hospital are classed as being predicted due to the condition of the patient on admission, reducing mortality remains a key priority and we will continue to focus on improvements and prioritising the implementation of patient safety measures throughout our hospital.”

Pictured is Mr Hakim BenYounes, chief of medical services at University Hospital Wishaw.