Shaping Local Services

As part of Carer empowerment we support Carers to attend strategic and locality meetings where they can engage, asking questions, raising issues and be involved at whatever level they are comfortable. We ask Carers to get involved in many different ways, have a look. If you think you are interested in any of the activities, get in touch.

Before you go along to any events or activities we will help you prepare so you know what to expect, we can work with you to help you know what questions to ask and plan out your input if you need and want it. Our Volunteer and Carer Coordinator will go along with you to support you in the background if you want the extra support.

Locality Planning Groups

At these meetings the locality leads encourage everyone involved to develop local plans that meet the 9 National outcomes. Carers are involved by voicing their concerns and needs in relation to the development of local plans. We support Carers to raise their voices ensuring they have their say.

Health and Social Care Forums

You can help shape services by joining us to attend the forums in each of the localities. You will be supported to take Carers issues forward at the meetings for discussion. Partners around the table take responsibility for addressing local issues that are raised. Partners come from all sections of the community many being from third sectors, charity organisations and local groups.

Each locality has a 6-8 weekly meeting and you really can make a difference by going along and raising issues that matter to Carers so services can be changed to meet the gaps we know exist.

Each locality has its own forum and full information can be found on

01355 597467

If you want to participate, we can support you to get started and stay with you until you are happy to attend without us. Have your say and let your Carers voice be heard at the Health and Social Care Forums.


We get Carers involved in interactive activities where groups of people from all different walks of the community come together to generate outcomes, ideas, thoughts, needs or goals. Information is presented and participants can undertake exercises and have open discussions and opportunities to think about the concepts being looked at. These events are great ways to get conversations going and help other organisations think about subjects from your point of view.


As a partner organisation we are asked by third sector and public bodies to get involved in their change processes. We go along with Carers to hear what the changes are, we review what is being said and then we support Carers to put their views forward about the proposed changes. If you want to ensure that services are fit for Carers “Get Involved”

We also seek out online consultations that we urge Carers to link to and answer. Your “Voice” shapes services, take a few minutes out to give your views. Go to our Consultations page and see what is being reviewed in South Lanarkshire at the moment.

Steering Groups

These groups of people oversee a research project on a particular project. Steering groups often involve members of the public. Their role is to provide input based on their direct experience about the subject being researched. The steering group influences key strategic decisions. Carers should be involved in steering groups to ensure the service being discussed or reviewed knows what Carers need and want from it as decisions are made. If you want to be on steering groups our Volunteer Care coordinator will support you all the way.