Right To Support To Meet Eligible Needs

The responsible local authority must provide support to any Carer who has identified needs (which meet local eligibility criteria) that cannot be met through support provided to the person being cared for, or through general local services.

The Adult Carer Support Plan or the Young Carers Statement will identify Carers needs.

Your needs will be considered and the local authority or your Carers Centre will decide if any or all of your needs meet the local Eligibility Criteria.

If you have needs and you meet the eligibility criteria your local authority must provide support to meet the eligible needs.  You should be given as much choice and control as you would like.

If your needs do not meet the local Eligibility Criteria you may still be provided with support to meet any other needs identified in your ACSP or YCS.

If you have eligible needs, the local authority must consider whether breaks form caring should be part of the support you receive.

The local authority where the person you are caring for lives is responsible for providing support to you.

The right to support, information and advice

Carers in South Lanarkshire will be able to access a wide variety of support, information and advice with or without having an Adult Carer Support Plan or Young Persons Statement.

Access to Support groups

In South Lanarkshire your local Carers Centre has a variety of Carer Support groups, there are also a range of condition specific support groups you could join.  Reducing isolation helps your health and wellbeing.

Access to welfare rights

A dedicated Money Advice Team help Carers assess their financial situation. They can help you to undertake a benefits review to ensure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to.

Access to information and advice

You can get a wealth of useful knowledge that will allow you to understand your rights, get local services and become empowered.  Carers meetings, campaigning, newsletters, web pages as well as information stands, fayres and social media all help Carers know their rights and find the right information to support and empower them.


This service can help to safeguard your rights, allow you to access information and ensure your voice is heard.  There are Advocacy services available for Carers.

Emotional support

If you need support to manage aspects of your caring role, you can access bereavement support or counselling through a local organisation that can help you.

Short breaks or respite care

These are provided to enhance the quality of life of both the Carer and the person they care for.  Short breaks can give you time out to focus on yourself.

Training or learning

Course can help Carers gain new confidence and develop skills to manage their health and wellbeing whilst they are a Carer, for volunteering or moving on from caring.

Adult Carer Support Plans and Young Carers Statements

An assessment can help Carers think about what supports they may need.  The plan will help you work out what level of support you have a right to.

Some of the types of supports and services:

  • Welfare Rights service
  • Leisure activities and services
  • Transport services
  • Advocacy – having someone to speak on your behalf
  • Transport services
  • Drug and alcohol services
  • Day Care services
  • Emotional support – counselling or
    bereavement services
  • Community cafes and supports
  • Time out – short breaks from your caring role to allow you to recharge your batteries
  • Training or learning – courses and social activities
  • Young Carers Service
  • Information and advice services
  • Adult protection services
  • Residential care services
  • Home adaptations
  • Social Care services
  • Emergency and future planning
  • GP Carers register
  • Handyperson and laundry

See our support services page to identify what supports are available in South Lanarkshire