Every month we bring Carers meetings out to the localities in South Lanarkshire.

Our Carers Meetings take place in communities across South Lanarkshire.
All our speakers are selected because they have information that is relevant to the lives of carers and their caring role.
For example they may take about changes to local services, tell us about new services, or provide updates about the local community – all things that can impact the lives of carers.  You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Carers meeting give carers a chance to get some peer support by talking to other carers.
Much of the feedback we receive is how valuable carers find this – even from carers attending their first meeting!

Meetings are also a chance to talk about the issues you are experiencing in your caring role.
This may be about the challenges of getting to appointments, linking with key services or issues with housing or finance.
We know carers face different issues at different times and very often other carers are able to provide invaluable information,
and if we don’t know the answer – we will probably know someone who does and can get back to you after the meeting.

Carers Meetings

Due to the current advise
on the Coronavirus

South Lanarkshire Carers Network have decided to
cancel the scheduled
carers meeting on
March 26th
in Fairhill Lifestyle

Please check ahead
if these meeting are still
going ahead

30th April 2020

The Village Centre Church Hall

12 Maxwell Drive, East Kilbride
G74 4HG

10:30am – 12:30pm

28th May 2020

Fairhill Lifestyles

Neilsland Road, Hamilton

10:30am – 12:30pm

Information Stalls and communications

Each meeting brings the latest information that may be of benefit to Carers, we have the latest leaflets and literature that will help you know what can help and support you.


Every month we ask speakers from various organisations across the locality as well as from national organisations. The speakers step forward and tell you about matters from their organisations or sectors that impact on you, this can include changes to services or new services they offer.

Focus Groups

We regularly hold focus groups at the Carers meetings when and if a particular issue needs to seek out the views of Carers. We gathering the information to take forward to local and national meetings to shape services and influence change. We help you to try to get the services you want in the way you want.

Questions and Answers

We open the floor to discussions where Carers can raise matters, queries and concerns. You can ask questions and tell us what you need us to find out for you.

Your rights

We have presentations and discussions that allow you as Carers to know and understand your rights. We are the Voice of Carers in South Lanarkshire.
Come Along, meet other Carers, get informed and know your rights.