Meet the Team

Principles and aims

South Lanarkshire Carers Network (The Network), our identity and development will be based upon the principles that focus on the nine national health and wellbeing outcomes with priority for our service being:

“People who provide unpaid care are supported to look after their own health and wellbeing, including reducing any negative impact of their caring role on their own health and wellbeing”

We operate under the principles:

  • Hidden Carers are identified
  • Carers are supported and empowered to manage their caring role
  • Carers are free from disadvantage and discrimination related to their caring role
  • Carers are fully engaged in the planning of services
  • Carers issues are recognised and addressed
  • Carers are recognised as equal partners in the provision of care
National Health and Wellbeing Outcome 6

We deliver against South Lanarkshire’s outcomes of:

  • Protect vulnerable children, young people and adults
  • Improve later life
  • Tackle disadvantage and deprivation
  • Work with communities and partners to promote high quality, thriving and sustainable communities

We ensure we deliver against measures and targets and input mechanism to minimise risk and budget carefully

  • Promote performance management and improvement
  • Embed governance and accountability
  • Achieve efficient and effective use of resources

The Staff Team

Isobel Murray
Isobel MurrayNetwork Business Manager
Joyce Brownlie
Joyce BrownlieAdministration Information Coordinator
Jo McIntyre
Jo McIntyreVolunteer and Carer Coordinator
Pauline McIntosh
Pauline McIntoshPartnership & Engagement Officer
Jade Jarvie
Jade JarviePartnership & Engagement Assistant
Melissa McDermott
Melissa McDermottYoung Carer Engagement Worker

The Board of Directors

The key role of the Board of Directors is that of leadership.  This means that as a group, they are in charge of the organisation and ultimately responsible for what it does. The Board are supported by staff members but the responsibility rests with them. Members of the Board are expected to understand their roles and responsibilities and their activities within those roles. Good governance is key to accountability for the Board.

Donna McAllister
Donna McAllister Chairperson
Kevin McGoldrick
Kevin McGoldrickTreasurer
Colin Phillips
Colin PhillipsSecretary
Margaret McNab
Margaret McNabDirector
Derek Burns
Derek BurnsDirector