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Would you like more of a say in your Housing Service?

Did you know that Local Housing Forums meet regularly across South Lanarkshire, providing tenants and residents with the opportunity to meet both Senior Officers from your Area Housing Office and your Elected Councillors to discuss key housing and related issues?

If you are interested in housing issues (or indeed other important community issues), why not get involved in your Local Housing Forum and help shape and improve the services tenants receive?

To find out more about your Local Housing Forum, you are welcome to contact your Local Area Housing Office on: 0303 123 1015

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Equipment for daily living

If you feel the person you care for needs help and would benefit from equipment or adaptations, you can contact your local council’s social work department. They will usually arrange an assessment in your home by an Occupational Therapist (OT).

Social work departments have to provide disability equipment if it is agreed that you need this.

You do not need a letter from your doctor before you apply, although this can sometimes help the OT to understand how your medical condition affects your daily needs.

Once you have been assessed and it is agreed that you meet local rules (known as ‘eligibility criteria’) you have a right to receive the equipment or adaptations which will meet your needs, although your local council is able to consider its budget when deciding what it can provide.

Some examples of daily equipment are listed below, it is not guaranteed the local authority will be able to provide all items: –

  • Help for you to use the bath or toilet such as shower chairs, grab rails, bath boards, raised toilet seats.
  • Help with food preparation such as lever taps and adapted kitchen utensils
  • Help with the use of beds and chairs, e.g. bed raisers

There is no legal time limit for disability equipment to be provided but you should not have to wait longer than is reasonable, and excessive delays can be challenged.

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You can apply for equipment and adaptations to a property you already live in.

If the person you care for is having problems getting around their home, it could possibly be adapted to make it easier for them. They will need to be assessed by the local authority occupational therapist who may agree any works required and pass details to their repairs centre.

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Community Alarms and Telecare

Telecare is a range of devices and services that help older and vulnerable people stay in their own homes independently and safely rather than having to move into care.

Examples include devices that trigger a response from a call centre, including falls monitors, motion sensors, smoke and gas detectors.

It allows people to call for help at any time day or night, on any day of the year.  By activating the alarm when assistance is required, this sends a call to the centralised control centre.

  • An operator can respond to the call in a variety of ways:
  • Provide reassurance
  • Arrange for an alert responder to attend the home
  • Contact a key holder who will have access to the home or can release keys
  • Contact the doctor, the ambulance service, police or fire and rescue services
  • Telecare devices are linked to the Community Alarm System which operates via a BT telephone line.

A call centre response operates 24 hours a day.

A small charge is made for the service, if you think your cared for person would benefit contact your local social work office and ask about the service.

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