The Public Health Priorities for Scotland have now been published.

The document sets out the things that we must focus on across Scotland if we are to improve the nation’s health.  The Scottish Government and COSLA have committed to the following reform principles, and they encourage partners and those working across Scotland to reflect similar principles in all that they do.


The Health & Social Care Standards document is now available to read in full or the easy read.

Shona Robison is a Member of the Scottish Parliament and her job is to look after health in Scotland.

She says: “Everyone should get high quality care and support that meets their needs and choices. This might be in a hospital, a care home, a children’s nursery, or within their own home.

“All of us at some point in our lives will use or know someone who uses a health or social care service.

“These new Health and Social Care Standards are very important to make sure that everyone in Scotland gets the care and support that is right for them.”