Lanarkshire residents are being urged to give the gift of life this Christmas, by joining the Organ Donor Register.  Last year, 431 people had their lives transformed through organ donation.

There are currently approximately 580 people with life-threatening illnesses who are on the transplant waiting list.  NHS Lanarkshire medical director,
Dr Iain Wallace, who is chair of the health board’s Organ Donation Committee, said: “At this time of year, everyone’s minds are on giving to their friends and family.  However, one of the biggest gifts that we can give this year is to sign up to the Organ Donor Register.  Around 96 per cent of people say that they believe that organ donation is the right thing to do, but only around 45 per cent have actually joined the Organ Donor Register.
It is important that everyone who believes in organ donation registers their wishes.  Choosing to register as an organ donor is an important decision and is one that could help so many people. But it is vital to talk about your decision with your friends and family.  When people understand their loved ones decision, it makes the decision to donate and the procedure of donating your organs less distressing for them.  Hearing your reasons could also encourage them to sign up too.  By signing up to the Organ Donor Register, you could potentially save up to seven lives.”

Although transplant rates in Scotland have increased, there are still not enough organs to meet the current need.  A family member is twice as likely to agree to donation if they know it’s what the person would have wanted.  That’s why each registration to the Organ Donor Register and every family conversation really counts.

To join the Organ Donor Register, visit