Focus Groups

What are they?

We bring together a small number of people, typically 8 with a moderator to focus on a specific topic. Focus groups aim at a discussion instead of on individual responses to formal questions, the moderator uses a discussion guide that has been prepared in advance of the focus group to guide the discussion. Generally the discussion goes from overall impressions but becomes more specific as the discussion progresses.

We ask Carers to voice their specific Carer led opinions as these opinions may or may not be representative of the general population. Questions are asked in an interactive group setting where participants are free to talk with other group members. They are about individuals sharing their point of view.

Why do we have Focus Groups?

Our organisation wants to support Carers to influence and change services and supports both at local level and on national issues. For us it’s all about social research, looking to understand how the issues that we are told impact on Carers can be really looked into, during this process the moderator either takes notes or records the vital points he or she is getting from the group.

We are looking to produce qualitative data from the ideas generated and problems discussed so we can report the outcomes. The idea of a focus group is to understand people’s preferences and beliefs. We are looking to find shared understanding and common views.

What we want to do

We want to use the information to influence and change services that impact on Carers. We are the Voice of Carers in South Lanarkshire. Having your collective say gives strength to the opinions we take to meetings. It allows us to think about raising petitions, campaigning and the changes we need to influence for the benefit of Carers.

How can you make a difference?

Join our Focus Group bank. If you are not able to attend in person we we can take your opinions on issues that interest you in many ways. Have a look at the Join a Focus Group document to join our Carers Focus Groups.

If you have an issue you want addressed, raise it with us let’s see if it could become a Focus Group we could involve more Carers in.
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