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What are they?

There are many varied types of consultation. They aim to provide opportunities for all those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work. Consultation exercises seek views in a number of different ways, such as written papers, public meetings, focus groups, questionnaire exercises or on-line discussion forums.

Consultation exercises do not address individual concerns and comments, but may eventually inform the policy process of the relevant directorate or public body. Typically consultations involve a written paper inviting answers to specific questions or more general views about the material presented. These papers are open for Carers to have their opinions and submit their responses.

Why are consultations so important?

Consultations give people in all walks of life a chance to get involved in the work of government. It is an important part of the policy-making process.

The views and suggestions detailed in consultation responses are analysed and used as part of the decision-making process. The responses that Carers submit may:

  • Indicate the need for further policy development or review
  • Inform the development of a particular policy
  • Help decisions to be made between alternative policy proposals
  • Used to finalise legislation before it is implemented
What we want to do

We want to seek out areas of interest that impact on Carers. We will find consultations and explain the outline of them so you can decide if you think you can have a say in the development of policy.

How can you make a difference?

Take part, when you see a consultation on our web site or Facebook pages click the link and have a read to add your opinion. If you want to discuss the consultation Ask we….We want Carers opinions and views to be heard. If you are not sure, we can talk the idea or process through with you.


Proposed Disabled Children and Young People (Transitions) (Scotland) Bill – Draft Proposal

Proposal for a Bill to require the Scottish Ministers to introduce, and to implement, a National Transitions Strategy to improve outcomes for children and young people with a disability in the transition to adulthood, and to require local authorities to introduce a transitions plan to ensure each child and young person with a disability receives appropriate care and support before, and during, the transition to adulthood; and for connected purposes.

Lodged 9 October 2019

Consultation closes 22 January 2020

Accompanied by: Consultation Document (481KB pdf)


What makes a strong and vibrant community, asks Holyrood Committee

A Scottish Parliament Committee is seeking views on how to achieve community wellbeing.
The Local Government and Communities Committee is keen to find out what people think affects ‘community wellbeing’ and have launched a call for the public’s ideas on what this future work should focus on.

Closing date for submissions is 22nd January 2020.


Young Carer Survey

South Lanarkshire Carers Network are asking young carers in South Lanarkshire to complete this questionnaire telling us what you would like from a future young carers service. Closing date 31st January 2020
Please visit:-


Public digital health literacy questionnaire.

The Network are happy to assist in the distribution of a questionnaire on Digital health literacy questionnaire commissioned by Scottish Government. This is to support the development of a polypharmacy app. for public use.
The app will contribute to the realistic medicine strategy.
The questionnaire is available to complete online.

the survey monkey questionnaire link is:

No person identifiable information is being gathered and the survey does ask none is included in any returns.
It will be of huge help if you can distribute this through your various groups.
The questionnaire will be followed up in the next few months by focus groups for both patients and staff who express interest in attending.

NB closing date 31st January so tight timescale unfortunately.

Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.


Rent Management Policy Consultation – Closes 8th March 2020

South Lanarkshire Council are currently reviewing their Rent Management Policy.The draft Rent Management Policy sets out the approach they will take when managing current and former tenant rent arrears. This approach aims to achieve the right balance between the tenant’s responsibility to pay rent while understanding the needs of the individual.

As part of this process, a consultative draft has been developed and publicised on the council’s website. The draft policy takes account of the views and priorities expressed by South Lanarkshire’s elected members and will be shared and discussed with a wide range of customers, partner organisations and other stakeholders throughout the consultation period.

South Lanarkshire Council would be grateful if you could find the time to review and provide comment on the draft policy. A response template has been attached, with the questions also highlighted throughout the draft policy document. The questions are not exhaustive so please also provide any additional feedback you may have. The consultation will remain open until 8 March 2020.…/rent_management_polic…