You may be aware of the changes to Universal Credit announced in this week’s budget including  –

  • From January 2018, claimants will be able to access up to a month’s worth of universal credit within five days via an interest-free advance, and the recovery period will be extended from six months to twelve months. (New claimants in December 2017 will be able to receive an advance of 50 per cent of their monthly entitlement at the beginning of their claim and a second advance to take it up to 100 per cent in the New Year, before their first payment date);
  • From February 2018, the government will remove the seven-day waiting period so that entitlement to universal credit starts on the first day of application;
  • From April 2018, those already on housing benefit will continue to receive their award for the first two weeks of their universal credit claim;
  • Making it easier for claimants to have the housing element of their award paid directly to their landlord; and allocating £8 million to trial innovative approaches to help individuals on universal credit to earn more.

More info available via this link …