Board Members

The key role of the Board of Directors is that of leadership.

This means  as a group, the Board are in charge of the organisation and ultimately responsible for what it does. The Board are supported by staff members but the responsibility rests with them. Members of the Board are expected to understand their roles and responsibilities and their activities within those roles. Good governance is key to accountability for the Board.

Donna McAllister
Donna McAllisterChairperson
Collin Phillips
Collin PhillipsCompany Secretary
Kevin McGoldrick
Kevin McGoldrickTreasurer
Margaret McNab
Margaret McNabDirector
Derek Burns
Derek BurnsDirector

There are 4 trustees with specific roles in the organisation these are:


The Chair is a Trustee with a specific role on the board. Their role is to support and direct the strategic direction of the organisation and lead and develop its growth. The Chair oversees democratic decision making and acts as the figurehead for the charity.

Vice chair

The role of the Vice Chair as well as acting in the Chairs’ absence is to oversee the sub groups which manage specific areas of the business.


The role of the Secretary is to be the guardian of the company’s proper compliance with both the law and best practice. The role has a combination of formal and additional administrative duties.


The Treasurer is a Trustee with a specific role on the board. The Treasurer is elected or appointed to this role as set out in the charity’s governing document.

The rest of the Board is made up of Directors who are a diverse group of individuals. You do not have to possess a qualification to be a Board member. What is really important is your commitment to the principles of The Network, act in the best interest of the organisation and have the right skills and knowledge to achieve The Networks objectives.

Directors Handbook