For many veterans in Lanarkshire, social isolation is not new, in fact it is their way of coping with life.  For some, lock down has actually brought a level of relief, peace and calm to their life as they are not been harassed by worrying brown envelopes arriving in the post.

For others, lock down is creating huge personal and financial difficulties.

We just want to remind all members of the military veteran community that ASAP is here to help on a wide range of issues – whether it’s something concerning you now or which may do at a future date as things begin to return to ‘normal’, then please contact ASAP.  No question is too big or too small.  We’ll try help in whatever way we can.

Please give Janette a call on 01698 259305 or 07741 735362 – leave a message if the line is busy or the call is out with normal working hours – and she’ll get back to you.  Audrey isn’t able to do home visits yet and the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) offices remain closed – but otherwise – it’s business as usual and she can provide advice and information by telephone and email.