As this is a very different and difficult time for all of us it’s vitally important that our Seniors Together community continues to look out and help each other the best we can. In the absence of our ‘Face to Face’ meetings and events our new digital methods are proving quite popular. In case anyone missed anything here is a recap:

  • Our Facebook page has now become a much bigger tool for us to communicate with. We are sharing information on this as much as possible.
  • For anyone on Facebook please search for @SouthLanarkshireSeniorsTogether and like our page to keep up to date.
  • We have also created a new group which is much more interactive and allows an open forum for members to share thoughts and information freely between each other. This group is doing very well but with more members I’m sure we can continue to improve the content. The group is called ‘Seniors Together community’. On requesting to join you will be asked 3 questions and then a notification will be sent to me to approve the request.
  • Within this group we achieved a first for Seniors Together this morning and had an online ‘Move about Break’ where everyone could participate from the comfort of their own living room. This short exercise session will be going out most days. So please join the group to share the fun conversation with other members. We may even start taking requests for music.
  • We are exploring lots of ways to keep busy in the house and we will be sharing ideas within this group.
  • To assist any members with Facebook we have collated a handy guide to set-up your own account. I have attached it to this email.
  • An email group is in the process of being set-up to keep in touch with the Shed network during this period and a newsletter is currently being developed.
  • Over the last few days we set up a challenge for members called the ‘Connect 4 Challenge’. We would love as many members as possible to get involved so please look over the attachment to this email, play along and encourage others to get involved. As the NHS radio advert says “even a wee phone for a natter, lets people know they matter”

    South Lanarkshire Council
    Older Peoples Assembly

Lastly I would like to leave you with the final word the update from our Chairperson Helen Biggins which goes with her picture also attached to this email  ‘Although I’m a bit of a gallivanter I have chosen to stay at home to make sure that I stay safe and keep other people safe’

You can download the Guide here:-
How to Use Facebook – Guide for Seniors Together