Suicide prevention – share your views on what can and should be done.


Over the last year, the Scottish Government has been
gathering views on how to build on the existing range of
national and local activities to raise awareness of suicide and its prevention, provide support to those experiencing distress and support to those who have been bereaved by suicide.

Building on feedback from those with lived experience, we are intending to issue a broad outline of the direction and the focused areas for review and comment in a new draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

To help people consider what is being proposed and have further opportunities to
discuss and further shape the action plan, this is one of a series of feedback events
being run primarily by NHS Health Scotland at a range of locations, to allow you to voice your views on suicide prevention in Scotland.

We want to hear from those affected by suicide and those who directly engage with those affected. This will help build on our understanding of what could be done better
or differently to reduce suicide and the impact it has on people, families and
communities in Scotland.

The events will influence the further development of the Scottish Government’s next
Suicide Prevention Action Plan, due to be published in summer 2018.

As well as attending these events, we would encourage you to submit your comments and views using the Scottish Government’s online engagement process.