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Carers Meeting – East Kilbride- April 3rd 2018

//Carers Meeting – East Kilbride- April 3rd 2018
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Date of Meeting: 03/04/2018

LOCALITY  EK Locality Meeting

Chaired: Jim Baillie

AGENDA TOPIC Discussion points Follow up ACTION
1 Welcome Meeting Introduction


2 Action Log of last meeting No previous meeting notes




New Information.


1.       GP Consultation

2.       Carers (Scotland)  Act 2016

3.       Focus Groups


1.       New GP Contact and the Carers GP Register.

2.       SLCN will be delivering monthly themes on the information contained  within the Carers Act

3.       SLCN working as a strategic arm will be facilitating, promoting and engaging with Carers in Focus Groups on various topics throughout the year.  Carer contribution was reinforced to be instrumental.

4. Speaker – Gabrielle Collins, Coalition of Carers Carers (Scotland) Act –          Implementation of the Act varies across Scotland

–          Carer Definition by accordance of the Act

–          Adult Carer Support Plans

–          Carer Focussed Outcomes

–          Emergency Planning

–          Obligation on Local Authorities to produce a “Short Break Statement”

–          Young Carers Statement

–          Carers Rights to received information and advice services

–          Carers Rights Charter – Scot Gov. Website

–          Locality Based Eligibility Criteria

–          Self-Directed Support Network – what to expect leaflet

–          Risk threshold

–          Local voices are hugely important to contribute in review status

–          Hospital Discharge within the Act



5. Carers Issues No Carer Issues


6. Focus Groups Carers Travel Expenses –          Use of Carer travel Cards

–          How do Carers afford travel expenses within caring role when  visiting cared for at the hospital




AOCB Information stalls provided at the meeting –          Kilbryde Hospice

–          CAB East Kilbride

–          Older and Active East Kilbride

–          South Lanarkshire Carer Network

–          Health & Social Care Forum East Kilbride


8. DONM Date and Locality of next Carers Meeting –          Clydesdale Locality

–          The Fountain, Lesmahagow, ML11 0UD

–          3rd May 2018

–          10.30am – 12.30pm