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BRIEFING: The Council Plan Connect 2017 -22.

After many months of preparation, the plan was endorsed by the Executive Committee on 8 November and was formally approved by the full council on 6 December 2017.

It is the successor to the previous five-year plan and shares the same core vision – to “improve the quality of life of everyone in South Lanarkshire”.

Council Leader John Ross described the plan as “one of the most important documents prepared by the council”. He added: “It sets out what we hope to achieve in order to improve the lives of local people and clearly states how we will serve local people and work with our local communities over the next few years.”

The council’s Chief Executive, Lindsay Freeland said: “There is a good deal of continuity in the new plan, because it builds on earlier versions which have shared the same vision and aspirations to improve local lives and outcomes in our communities.

“We aim to ensure that South Lanarkshire remains a great area for our residents to live, an attractive place for others to visit and a place where businesses will invest and flourish.  The plan makes clear how we will work together with our communities and partners to do exactly that.”

The new plan builds on our values and sets out the ambitions that we share with our partners in the Community Planning Partnership (CPP). It was developed in consultation with communities, the public, the council’s partners, and with council staff and, in a consultation exercise, between 95% and 99% of respondents agreed/strongly agreed with the vision and objectives.

Our five ambitions circle our vision and values, linking our 11 objectives in the outer ring to the wider work in our communities and with our other public partners, and the wheel diagram below is designed to show how they all interact with one another.  For example, success in giving our children a better start in life links to early learning, their wellbeing, improvement in achievement and attainment and developing their skills for learning, life and work.  This will lead to better prospects and improve life chances for young people and the economy as a whole.

The plan will be prominent on the council website ( and all employees are urged to take the time to read it.

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