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Anticipatory Care Plan National Launch in Lanarkshire

Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP) is about thinking ahead and understanding your health. It’s about knowing how to use services better and it helps you make choices about your future care. Planning ahead can help you be more in control and manage any changes in your health and well-being.  Talking to the people who matter to you helps shape the right plan for you.

An event was held on Friday 29th September to launch the National Anticipatory Care Plan (ACP) Documents and App in Lanarkshire.

The event attracted an audience of 170 people from across Lanarkshire including staff from Health and Social Care, Third/Voluntary sector, Care home staff, Carers and other members of the public.

Those attending heard how ACP is a person-centred, proactive “thinking ahead” approach which requires services and health and care professionals to work with individuals, families and Carers to have the right conversations to set personal goals for the right outcome.

The documents include the care plan, guidance for health and care professionals, a booklet with details on things to think about such as power of attorney as well as a leaflet explaining ACP.

They can all be downloaded at the dedicated website

For further information please contact

ACP Project Manager

ACP Clinician