The Network supports Carers of all ages and abilities. The Gatehouse (our place of business) will be as accessible as possible to all persons who wish to visit our premises. Our website will additionally host applications that will make using, accessing and understanding the website content as open as possible to a wide range of members of our community.


Accessible parking

Our carpark is open to staff, board, volunteers and Carers, the parking is on flat ground allowing:


Access to Centre

The main entrance to the Centre is via the door at the front of the building and to the rear a ramp is available for those with restricted or reduced mobility. The ramp has hand rails and width for a wheelchair or scooter.


Wheelchair accessible toilets

There is currently one wheelchair accessible toilet.


Ability to accommodate groups of disabled people

The Gatehouse is located at street level, however at the front three steps are used to access the building. For evacuation in case of the number of wheelchair users we can accommodate at one time is dependent on staffing and proper and timeous fire evacuation requirements.



The nominated fire marshal and first aiders are changeable.


Online accessibility

Our website is WCAG2 compliant and we aim to improve on this to ensure full accessibility. We have our site with facilities to convert to alternative languages, in BSL and audio formats available on the website.


Contact information

If you would like to see accessible improvements please let us know by Contacting:



If you are unhappy with the level of service you receive and would like to make a complaint, please telephone, email or post us your complaint using our leaflet (link to leaflet).