The Social Security (Scotland) Bill was introduced on 21 June 2017, following an initial consultation on the creation of a new social security system in Scotland which ran from July to October 2016. The Bill’s progress can be followed on the Scottish Parliament’s website at:

In May 2017, the Cabinet Secretary for Social Security, Angela Constance, announced that the increase to Carers Allowance will take place from summer 2018. Amongst other provisions, this Bill provides the mechanism for that increase to happen, through payment of a supplement twice a year before full operation of carer benefits comes to Scotland.

The Social Security Committee in the Scottish Parliament are accepting written submissions of evidence on this Bill until 23 August. You can contact the Committee directly or feed into the National Carer Organisations’ response. Further information is available here and the National Carer Organisations have developed an online survey where you can respond to the questions here:

Over the summer, the National Carer Organisations will be hosting consultation events where the Bill and its provisions will be discussed. In the autumn, the Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee will begin to look at the evidence submitted and will have further discussion about the potential to change aspects of the Bill. For more information about when consultation events are taking place, please contact the National Carer Organisations:

Fiona Collie, Carers Scotland

Claire Cairns, Coalition of Carers in Scotland

Kate Hogarth, Shared Care Scotland,

Suzanne Munday, MECOPP

Heather Noller, Carers Trust Scotland

It is vitally important for unpaid carers and their families, as well as the organisations which represent them, to have their say on this Bill’s provisions and how the Scottish social security system should look in the future. The key questions that the Social Security Committee want to hear your views on are in this survey:

The National Carer Organisations will use these survey responses in their own evidence submission to the evidence enquiry.

The National Carer Organisations

June 2017