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The Information Gateway for unpaid Carers in South Lanarkshire

The aim of the Network is to ensure that unpaid Carers are empowered and enabled to continue in their Caring role while feeling supported to maintain their own good health and wellbeing.  This is done by providing the Carer with comprehensive information and raising their issues at local and national level.

Who is a Carer?

Carers support a family member, spouse, partner, relative or friend of any age who needs help and support to manage a range of daily living tasks. This may be due to a long-term condition, physical or learning disability, mental health problems, frailty associated with older age or an addiction.

Carers may provide assistance with personal care, emotional support, managing and administering medication, undertaking practical tasks such as shopping, cooking and providing transport, helping to manage finances and ensuring that the person is able to maintain outside interests and friendships. Distinct from paid care workers, carers receive no wage for the support they provide.

Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

The Carers (Scotland) Act will be commenced on April 1, 2018.  The package of provisions in the Act is designed to support Carers’ health and well-being. These include, amongst other things:

  • A duty on local authorities to provide support to Carers, based on the Carer’s identified needs which meet the local eligibility criteria. National matters which local authorities must have regard to when setting their local eligibility criteria will be set out in regulations;
  • A specific Adult Carer Support Plan and Young Carer Statement to identify Carers’ needs and personal outcomes; and
  • A requirement for each local authority to have its own information and advice service for Carers which must provide information and advice on, amongst other things, emergency and future care planning, advocacy, income maximisation and Carers’ rights.

The Act contributes to the Scottish Government’s vision of a healthier and fairer Scotland, and sits within the wider policy landscape including: integration of Health and Social Care; GP contract; new social security powers; and Fair Work agenda.  To download this version please visit:-
For Full version: –


SLCN Annual General Meeting (A.G.M) Tuesday 2nd October 2018
The Village Centre, East Kilbride.   

Dear member
It is with pleasure I invite you to attend South Lanarkshire Carers Network

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Tuesday 2nd October 2018
The Village Centre, East Kilbride at 10:00am

Please find attached the nomination form and timetable for the election process.
Please email:  for an electronic version of this form.

A Carers meeting will follow from 10:30am-12:30pm.  A buffet lunch will be provided on the day.
Please advise if you will attend to ensure catering is appropriate.

For help with our catering preparation please contact the office on; 01698 285163 confirming you will be attending this event

We hope to see you on the day.


Enclosed is a nomination form to enable you to nominate people for election to the South Lanarkshire Carers Network Limited Board.

  • All people nominated for election must have full membership of South Lanarkshire Carers Network Limited.
  • Full members are Carers or past Carers and reside in South Lanarkshire
  • Nominations of people who are not members of South Lanarkshire Carers Network Limited will not be accepted.
  • You may nominate yourself to stand.
  • If you are nominating someone else, please get his or her permission first.

One third of Directors in accordance with the constitution must stand down annually and may make themselves available for re-election. Directors can serve for a period of 3 years, after which they must stand down and seek re-lection. The organisations records indicate that no current member of the Board have stood down in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The Directors Handbook states potential members will be invited to appear before a panel to have the duties and responsibilities explained. As already discussed with you I have already undertaken this conversation with the four proposed members. The Board will have the opportunity to meet with and discuss the above at the Governance Training Day to be held on August 24th 2018.


Nomination Forms will be made available to all members of the network on 8th August 2018. Currently elected members will be advised of the timetable by post.

Nomination Forms to be returned to SLCN Limited office or email to 
by 28th August 2018

Voting Forms will be posted out to all members of SLCN Limited on 1st September 2018

Voting Forms to be returned to SLCN Limited office by 25th September 2018

Results of Election announced at SLCN Limited AGM on 2nd October 2018

Office Bearers will be elected at the next meeting of the BOD on 28th November 2018



Name of Nominee:
Organisation and Position:
Tel No:
Skills & Experience (see Trustee Role Description)
Please give details below of your skills & experience and indicate why you wish to be a Trustee

The key role of the Board of Directors is that of leadership.

The Board are in charge of the organisation and ultimately responsible for what it does. The Board are supported by staff members but the responsibility rests with them. Members of the Board are expected to understand their roles and responsibilities and their activities within those roles. Good governance is key to accountability for the Board.

Beneficial skills and qualifications:

Good communication skills, carer knowledge, practical skills , specialised skills in Financial knowledge and HR Specialisation, Marketing, Digital skills, Minute writing knowledge and ability, business skills, Management skills, funding processes, public speaking and presentations. Members of the board should be: organised, committed and reliable.

Nominated by:  
Tel No:  

I confirm I have gained the nominee’s consent for their name and details to go forward. 


Please return to:

Network Business Manager
South Lanarkshire Carers Network
65 Bothwell Road

by 30th August 2018

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